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Speckled Trout Chesapeake Bay

Speckled Trout
The Speckled Trout is the southern relative of the Gray Trout. They can be found throughout the open bay from July to November, however, they prefer schooling around shallow sandy bottoms or mud flats near river mouths and inlets. Speckled trout can be caught by casting plugs or bucktails in these shallow waters or into the surf along beaches. They will also strike peeler crab or squid along the bottom from piers or anchored boats.


Common Names Speckled Trout, Spotted Seatrout, Spotted Weakfish
Scientific Name Cynoscion nebulosus
Average Size 1 - 2 feet
Average Weight 2 - 4 lbs.
Minimum Size Limit*  
Possession Limit*  
Lure Bucktail, plug
Bait Peeler Crab, squid
World Record 17.4 lbs.
Virginia Record  
Citation Size  

* All regulations are subject to change throughout the year. Always check with the Virginia Marine Resource Commission for new regulations before you go fishing @ 757-247-2200 or

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