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Fishing License Title

2002 Virginia Saltwater Recreational Fishing License
Individual License

Resident Annual License
Resident 10 day License
Nonresident Annual License
Nonresident 10 day License

$    7.50
$    5.00
$    7.50
$    5.00 
Private Boat License

Annual License

$  30.00
This license covers all persons fishing on the private boat and it provides an individual license to the boat owner
Lifetime Individual License

Up to age 44
Ages 45-50
Ages 51-55
Ages 56-60
Ages 61-64

$  90.00
$  60.00
$  30.00            
Lifetime License for Disabled Person
Lifetime License Fee
$    5.00
This license is available to any Virginia resident who is permanently and totally disabled upon proof of disability.
Charterboat License (6 passengers or less)
Charterboat License (small)
$ 150.00
Charterboat License (7 passengers or more)
Charterboat License (large)
$ 150.00 
$  + 4.00 for each passenger over 6 for which the boat is licensed.
Commercial Fishing Pier License
Commercial Fishing Pier
$ 450.00
This license covers all customers on a properly licensed commercial fishing pier
Boat Rental Business License

Boat Rental Per Boat Fee
Maximum Fee

$   7.50
This license covers all customers on properly licensed rental boats
Persons Who Need a Fishing License
Anyone fishing with a rod and reel, handline, spear or gig in Virginia's portion of the Chesapeake Bay, tidal tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.
Persons Who Do Not Need a Fishing License
  1. Children under the age of 16
  2. Persons 65 years of age or older
  3. Persons fishing on a private boat, if the boat has a valid Virginia saltwater fishing license covering all persons on board.
  4. Customers fishing on a charterboat, headboat or rental boat, if the boat has a valid Virginia saltwater fishing license covering all persons onboard.
  5. Customers fishing on a commercial fishing pier, if the pier has a valid Virginia saltwater fishing license covering all customers on the pier
  6. Persons fishing in coastal and ocean waters outside the easternmost boundary of the Chesapeake Bay.
  7. Landowners, their spouses and children, and their nonpaying guest when fishing from the landowner's private real property.
  8. Organized groups of individuals with physical or mental limitations, veterans in veteran's hospitals, and school groups (K-12), when such groups have written permission from the Commissioner of the Marine Resources Commission.
  9. Persons holding a valid Maryland saltwater recreational fishing license, as long as the reciprocal licensing agreement continues between Maryland and Virginia.
  10. Persons holding a valid Potomac River Fisheries Commission recreational saltwater fishing license, as long as the reciprocal licensing agreement continues between PRFC and Virginia.
  11. Persons fishing with commercial gear licensed by the Virginia Marine Resource Commission, including holders of commercial rod and reel licenses.

The saltwater recreational license was designed to raise revenue to conserve and enhance fish species caught by recreational fishermen

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